Top 5 Reasons to Study Business French in France

Whether you’re a student preparing for the world of business, you’re looking for work or already have a job, if you come into contact with people from other nationalities then you may have already considered studying French. If you haven’t thought about it yet then read on for our top 5 reasons to study a Business French course in France.

1. Boost your CV

Let’s start at the beginning. Before you get an interview, you have to get onto the recruiter’s “yes list” with an attention-grabbing CV. What better way to stand out from the crowd than a skill that sets you apart from the competition? You haven’t just got GCSE French, you’ve taken the time out to study Business French in France! What it says to recruiters is that you’re a go-getter, you have good communication and people skills, you can adapt to change and you don’t just sit on your laurels waiting for opportunities to come your way… And we haven’t even touched on the benefits that having a member of staff who can use and understand business jargon in another language!

2. Broaden your horizons

Studying Business French in France doesn’t pigeonhole you into a job where you just deal with French customers or clients all day long. On the contrary, it opens you up to a whole host of possibilities. It enables you to apply to businesses in French-speaking countries such as France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland etc. where you’ll stand out from the crowd as a native English speaker – an asset to any company anywhere in the world. The ability to speak Business French means you can communicate with French professionals of all kinds, giving you access to any opportunities they may have for you. Basically, you’re not restricted to working in your home country. Speaking another language, especially its business jargon, enables you to work in lots of different countries… take your pick!

3. Read between the lines

The world of business is a world of etiquette and relationships, where a misunderstanding can lead to a partnership crumbling. Taking time out to learn Business French in France will help you grasp the nuances of the language and understand the customs involved in doing business in French-speaking countries. For example, never use “tu” to address people. You should always address them using the polite “vous”, “Madame” or “Monsieur” until they tell you that you can address them using the informal “tu” or by their first names. A Business French course in France will help you to read between the lines and grasp implications. An asset like that could help your business build on an opportunity that you spot or avoid a disaster that you identify just by having a French speaker on board.

4. Personal development

A study abroad programme is about more than just language and culture; it’s about you too. Besides improving your knowledge of French and French business culture, a language course in a French language school in France will improve your social skills as you have to communicate with fellow students from other nationalities. You have to overcome any “first day nerves” fast to get the most out of your course, but that means you learn to adapt quickly to change and unexpected situations on the upside. A Business French course in France will give you a confidence boost too, as you’ll realise that you can handle anything that comes your way in a business context not just in your native language but in French too! You will also meet like-minded professionals during your course so it’s like the ultimate networking event. Who knows, you may meet a future colleague, boss or client here.

5. Get results fast

Learning a language in the country in which it is spoken is completely different to learning a language at home. It’s known as “immersion learning” because you’re surrounded by the language so you have to go with the flow and get in on the action yourself to keep your head above water. A Business French course in France does just that: it immerses you in the world of business with a French teacher, classmates who only speak French among each other, role plays in French and more… and that’s just inside the French language school itself. When you step outside school, you’re surrounded by billboards written in French, passersby speaking French, you have to speak French to order your “jambon beurre” for lunch, conversation over dinner with your host family is all in French etc. It’s a real crash course so even if you just stay a week, you can see the benefits very quickly and begin reaping the rewards of your Business French course in France before you even get home.

Now you’ve read why you should do it, let’s tell you more about the Business French course in France. It’s taught at our partner school, ACCORD Paris, a long-standing French language school within a stone’s throw of the Eiffel Tower. The Business French course includes 20 hours on the General Intensive French course in the morning followed by 12 hours on the Business French course in small groups of up to 3 students in the afternoon. It’s designed to be intense and tailored to your requirements so you get what you need from the course. The level test to put you in the right class for your ability, teaching materials and end of course certificate are all included in the price and you can start any Monday of the year if you’re not a complete beginner (exc. French bank holidays).

If you would like to find out more about the Business French course in France or would like further information about study abroad options in other countries, please contact us with your enquiry or booking information.

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