High-Quality French Course in Paris with Family Homestay

High-Quality French Course in Paris with Family Homestay

Are you looking for a high-quality, full-immersion French language experience in Paris any time of the year? Look no further! Combining a top-tier French course in Paris with a family homestay, you’re guaranteed an exceptional learning adventure. French-Paris has selected for you an excellent French school, labeled and recognized at the international level, exclusive partner of organizations such as IKI-PGS, the ACCORD Private Institute of Higher Education and one of the leading French language schools in France.

Why Choose ACCORD French Language School in Paris?

First and foremost, select a “Qualité FLE” accredited school. ACCORD is an accredited FLE institution with the highest marks in all domains—teaching, premises, administration, and more. This recognition ensures that a French language school offers you the best in French language education.

Intensive French Courses at ACCORD

Choose from a range of high-quality courses at ACCORD, including intensive, super-intensive, or semi-intensive French courses.  You also have the choice between general French courses, courses focused on oral communication or written French and grammar, preparation courses for French exams (TCF, DELF, A/AS level, ABITUR, ILC.. .), specialty courses (business French, French and Law…). At the ACCORD school there will always be a French course that perfectly meets your needs!

Located in the heart of Paris, near the famous Eiffel tower, ACCORD provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn and improve your French. With 35 years of experience in teaching French as a foreign language, ACCORD is renowned worldwide for its excellence.

Family Homestay in Paris

As part of your ACCORD experience, opt for homestay accommodation with a carefully selected host family located within Paris itself, ensuring you never have to commute to the suburbs. This immersion in a real French living environment is invaluable for practicing your French and understanding Parisian culture firsthand.

A Life-Changing Experience: ACCORD’s network of host families has been welcoming students for years, often forming lasting relationships. Many students return to stay with the same families, who become their French and Parisian family. This immersive experience goes beyond language learning; it’s a true cultural exchange.

Explore Paris Like a Local

Staying with a host family in Paris allows you to explore the city, meet classmates after class, and enjoy Parisian life without worrying about long commutes. Simply take the bus or metro to return home. Remember to keep your host family informed about your plans if you’ll be late or dining out.

Live Like a Parisian

Select an ACCORD homestay program in Paris for an authentic cultural experience. Live like a Parisian while studying French at ACCORD, and make the most of your time in this beautiful city.

Embark on a high-quality French course at ACCORD in Paris and immerse yourself in the French way of life with a family homestay. This is the ultimate way to enhance your French language skills and experience Parisian culture during your holidays or at any time during the year.

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