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For a foreign student who must take a French course in France, choosing a French language school can be difficult, especially when taking a course in a city like Paris where there are many French schools. This is why French-Paris has selected a school for you in Paris, the ACCORD French language school.

Foreign students might choose to select their French language course at ACCORD school for several reasons:

Location: Paris is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and is considered one of the most romantic and historically significant cities in the world. Immersing oneself in the language while being surrounded by the beauty and history of Paris can greatly enhance the learning experience.
The school’s location in Paris is ideal, nearby the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, providing easy access to cultural landmarks and opportunities to practice French outside the classroom.

Quality of Instruction: ACCORD school is recognized for its high-quality teaching method and experienced instructors. They employ immersive techniques, ensuring students not only learn the language but also understand and appreciate the nuances of French culture.

Diverse Course Offerings: ACCORD school offers a variety of courses tailored to different levels and needs, including semi-intensive, intensive, and super-intensive general French courses, exam preparation courses (such as DELF preparation classes), business French, and more specialized programs. This allows students to find a course that suits their specific learning goals and interests.

Excellent mix of nationalities: ACCORD French language school guarantees no nationality over 12% at the school.

Accommodation Options: The ACCORD school offers various accommodation options, including aparthotels and homestays helping students feel more at home during their stay in Paris and facilitating cultural immersion.

Reputation and Accreditation: ACCORD school has a strong reputation as one of the leading language schools in Paris and in France. ACCORD school is accredited ‘Qualité FLE’ with the highest marks in all domains (courses, teachers, premises…).

Focus on Immersion: The district where the ACCORD school is located is the 15th arrondissement of Paris, a very lively district, day and night. This can be highly effective for language learning.

Partnership with recognized higher institutes: the ACCORD French language school is for example the exclusive partner of IKI- PGS (IKI Paris Graduate School) and it welcomes the IKI students who need to improve their French.

TCF Exam centre: ACCORD is exam centre for the TCF TP (TCF Tour Public), TCF Québec, TCF Canada, TCF IRN (Intégration, Résidence et Nationalité). The dates of these exams as well as those of the DELF and DALF can be downloaded from the ExamensParis website.

These key points contribute to ACCORD’s reputation as one of the best language schools in Paris for French language courses, making it an attractive choice for foreign students looking to enhance their language skills in a dynamic and culturally rich environment.

To find out more about the ACCORD French language school, you can visit their French courses in Paris website, or contact us, and we will advise you on the course best suited to your needs.

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