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TEF (Test d’Evaluation du Français)

  • What is the TEF?
    The TEF (Test d’Evaluation du Français) is a test organised by the CCIP (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris/Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris and is valid for one year from the date you take the exam. It reliably assesses the candidate’s level of French. It is often recommended by French universities to check their future international students’ linguistic skills.
    ACCORD Language School is an official exam centre for the TEF.  

  • Who can take the TEF?
    All non French-speakers wishing, for personal or professional reasons, to officially assess their skills in French. No specific qualification or training are required to take the TCF.

  • What does the exam involve?

    3 compulsory tests: a total of 2.30 hours including welcome and registration.
    - Reading comprehension: (1 hour)
    - Listening comprehension: (40 minutes)
    - Structures & Vocabulary: (30 minutes)

    2 optional tests (2 hours)
    - Written expression (1hour)
    - Oral expression (35minutes)

  • Compulsory tests:
    In total, there are 150 questions: 50 question in reading comprehension, 60 in listening comprehension, 40 in Structures & Vocabulary.
    In each section of the test, each question grows in difficulty. There are multiple choice questions (usually 4 answers are offered) with one accurate answer. For each test, the candidate answers on an answer sheet which is then corrected by the CCIP (computerised corrections).

  • Optional tests:
    These tests can only be taken in addition to the compulsory tests.
    The candidate may choose to take only one of the two test or both of them together for a period of one year after taking the compulsory tests.
    Written expression: In the first section, the candidate must tell a story using the past tenses and in the second section, he/she must express a point of view and argue his/her position.
    Oral expression: in the first section, the candidate must gather information and ask questions and in the second section, he/she must present the content of a document and then constructively argue his/her point of view.

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