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Intensive General French course "C"
(34 lessons/week – 26 hours)

    LEVELS: Open to all levels from beginner to advanced
    CLASS SIZE Max. 14 students in group sessions
    DURATION: From one week
    START DATES: any Monday
    BEGINNERS START DATES: September 30th, October 14th, November 4th, November 18th 2019 .
    Language courses are not held and are not refunded on national and local French holidays:
    The school will be closed April 22nd, May 1st, May 8th, May 30th, August 15th, November 1st, November 11th and from December 14th 2019 to 2020 included. The school will open on Monday 2020.


Intensive Course "C" (34 lessons/week – 26 hours)


Morning: 26 General French lessons – Afternoon: 2 workshops of your choice (2 afternoons)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
General French*
General French
General French
General French
General French
2 workshops of your choice (see Workshops page)

*On the day of arrival:Test from 8:00 to 11:00 then on to French classes from 11.00 to 1:00. Fifteen minute break included.

Teaching content:

  • Developing the four communication skills, listening, speaking, reading and listening, through the use of authentic material.
  • Exploring French culture and learning related idiomatic expressions in various contexts
  • Consolidation of language skills and/or development of specialised skills depending on the workshop selected (Parisian Culture and Civilisation, Writing, Phonetics, Oral, Theatre, Business French, French Language Certification, etc.).
    See Workshops

Intensive Course “C” Prices

    1 to 4 weeks 390 €/week
    5 to 8 weeks
    370 €/week
    9 to 12 weeks 360 €/week
    13 weeks or more 320 €/week


  • French language courses are indicated in lessons (45 min) and hours (60 min)
  • Courses open all year round.
  • The price includes: level testing, teaching material and course certificate.


Intensive C PLUS General French Course

This Option combines Intensive Course “C” (34 lessons/week) intensive group course with 5 to 10 one-to-one lessons. This program ensures that you benefit from studying in multinational classes as well as focusing on your own individual needs and requirements.

Intensive C PLUS Option Prices

Course C + 5 One-to-One lessons

840 €/week

Course C + 10 One-to-One lessons

1 210 €/week




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